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While it may be relatively easy to split a square or rectangle into two halves that are roughly the same size, have you ever actually tested your brain in its ability to do so? That's the idea behind Big Fish's Cut and Slice, a brain game that will test your ability to cut shapes into equal parts, one level at a time.

In each level, the shapes are presented on top of grid paper to give you a bit of help, and you won't need to worry about shaky hands ruining your perfect shapes. In order to cut a shape into smaller pieces, you'll simply need to click and hold as you drag your mouse across the screen, letting go after you've created a straight line.

As you progress through levels, your job will become more difficult, as you may need to split a shape into more than just two equal pieces, and the shapes themselves become more intricate, moving from squares and triangles to stars and more. The closer all of your final pieces are in size, the more stars you'll earn as a rating of your skill. You can replay stages if you make a mistake, or simply want to improve your cutting ability.

While Cut and Slice has an incredibly simple premise, it quickly becomes a challenging game that's worth playing due to its unique design. If you'd like to test your brain, you can now play Cut and Slice for free, right here on

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