Create and run a successful airline in Airline World on Android


If you enjoyed Pocket Planes, NeoWin Games hopes that you'll also try its newest airport management title, Airline World, which has just launched on Android. Like Pocket Planes, Airline World lets you choose your starting continent, and then sets you loose with a starting supply of airports and planes.

To make progress in Airline World, you'll need to send planes from one city to the next, with some routes taking longer to complete (in terms of real world time), but rewarding more coins on the other end. As you earn coins, you'll unlock additional airports and planes, until you've eventually created a worldwide airline that's really rolling in the money.


An energy based game, Airline World only lets you play for a few minutes before you run out of energy and need to wait for it to recharge, but you can purchase additional energy with real money if you'd like to keep playing or simply support the developers. Airline World is a pretty basic airline sim, that doesn't change much over what Pocket Planes already offered, but if you're ready to create another airline on your Android device, you can now download Airline World for free on Google Play.

Download Airline World on Android >

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