Walmart Workers Walk Out, File 'Unfair Labor Practice' Charges

Walmart Black Friday strike

A handful of Walmart workers in Maryland and Texas walked off the job on Thursday. With the support of the labor group, OUR Walmart, they filed "unfair labor practice" charges with the National Labor Relations Board, accusing the mega-retailer of threats of retaliation. Walmart managers "unlawfully and incorrectly" told workers that walk outs were "illegal and punishable," according to a press release by OUR Walmart.

OUR Walmart organized the historic Black Friday strike of workers. Walmart, notoriously anti-union, has said that the Black Friday strike -- which was scattered across several states -- had no impact and that post-Thanksgiving sales reached new records.

OUR Walmart leader Colby Harris, who walked off his job at a Dallas store on Thursday, claimed in a statement that several Walmart workers told him that last week its managers "started reading a memo to employees stating that their strikes are illegal and if they did not stop taking action against the company they would be punished."

Last month, labor groups had agreed to end their picketing and "confrontational conduct" at Walmart as part of a settlement with the NLRB. But the labor groups had also issued a statement saying that they would continue to push to improve working conditions, The Associated Press reported.

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