Celebrate Valentine's Day across these five iOS games


Holidays mean a lot for iOS game developers and players, as it gives gamers a chance to experience new themed content that brings various holiday celebrates to life on iPhones and iPads everywhere. In anticipation of the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, a variety of developers across DeNA's Mobage social network have updated their apps to celebrate this most romantic time of year, and we're here with a look at five of those themed updates.

777 Slots

The entire month of February is special in 777 Slots, as a new romance-themed slot machine will be released in the game's tournaments each week. During Valentine's Day weekend itself, discounts will be available on in-game Coin and Token packages, and free coins will be given out twice as often as normal so that everyone can get in on the fun of these new machines. This update is available on Android, and coming soon to iOS. [UPDATE: 777 Slots is now available on iOS]

Blood Brothers

Even though Blood Brothers may focus primarily on violence and battling, that doesn't mean the game can't have a soft spot for Valentine's Day. To celebrate the holiday of love, Blood Brothers now features a special limited edition Valentine's Day campaign. Sir Bedwyr of the Rose will appear as an Elite Raid Boss character, and if you play the game during this event, you'll have a chance to add him to your deck. This update is available across both iOS and Android versions of the game.


Starting on February 7, Fantasica's fantasy-filled world will be expanded with special themed packs that contain Valentine units. In addition, the game's first ever popularity contest will allow players to choose one lucky girl out of a group of Star Maidens. This girl will be given Star Flowers in the hope that it will lead her to ultimate happiness and victory. This update can now be viewed across both iOS and Android.

Rage of Bahamut

While many apps will celebrate Valentine's Day before the holiday arrives, Rage of Bahamut sticks more closely to the calendar. On February 14, or Valentine's Day itself, a themed Valentine's Day card pack will be released in the game. This pack will only be available for a limited time, and it contains an exclusive Valentine's Day card that can't be earned anywhere else. Both Android and iOS gamers can get in on the fun of this update later this month.

Tiny Tower

Nimblebit's tower-building game feels the love this month with the addition of a pink paint treatment to your towers. Elevator patrons will also come wearing new themed clothing (including heart-shaped costumes), and each tower's lobby, elevator shaft, and crane will also be decorated in celebration of this romantic time of year. This update, like so many others, is available across both iOS and Android versions of the game.

Remember, these lovely new Valentine's Day events will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to update and play your favorite games before they expire!

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