The Thermal-Aid Zoo Goes Viral with Reviews, Giveaways and Consumer Demand


The Thermal-Aid Zoo Goes Viral with Reviews, Giveaways and Consumer Demand

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: PSHR)

The Thermal-Aid Zoo is a 100% natural therapeutic, cuddly heating/cooling plush animal, specifically designed for kids, to reduce swelling, ease pain and gives kids of all ages a huggable pal year round.

Currently being featured at Costco and CVS Pharmacies and retailers around the world, this adorable kids product has been flying off the shelves.

"Keeping up with orders from retailers and consumers was challenging but fruitful during 2012. Moving into 2013 the Company has orchestrated a national Direct Response marketing campaign and has geared up and is positioned for millions of units to be sold during 2013," states Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. President and CEO Matthew Mills.

But the real success story is what mothers are saying about this unique kids product line. The blogger that simply calls herself "Mama" writes this about her 2-year-old son, Landon: "His molars have been coming in this last month and they're absolutely horrible. He's always been really good with teething - no fussing, fevers or sweats, really no symptoms except drooling. This time though, he's having a terrible time, constantly feverish. I've found that a cold 'Mr. Honey' bear really helps with his sweats and fever. Many times he's fought sleep until I give him his bear. It's nice to know that there is something that soothes Landon, when it's not always possible for me to do it. Also, it fits perfectly in our freezer, next to the Popsicles!" Mama further states, "Not only do doctors recommend Thermal-Aid, but I do too!"

And this, from blogger Angela at The Childrens Nook:

"Thermal-Aid has come up with a product line of Kids Bears that is absolutely brilliant. These soft, cuddly bears are made of natural cotton and a heating and cooling element composed of specially engineered corn. This allows the bears to be hand washed without getting moldy. Thermal-Aid has 5 different colored bears with cute names. My pre-schooler has the yellow bear named Honey and my one-year-old has Buckley, the blue bear. These adorable bears are truly amazing, and they have the sweetest faces."

"We all know kids have a lot of energy. My boys are no exception, so we tend to play outside no matter what the temperature. Since we live in Wisconsin we often come into the house very cold and stiff. Now, when my boys come inside with cold faces, finger and toes, I simply heat their Thermal-Aid Bears in the microwave for about 30 seconds and they can snuggle up with them for some warmth. I am so impressed with how these bears stay warm for long periods of time, even after being held by cold hands and nuzzled by cold faces."

"My oldest son has never really been very attached to a specific toy, blanket, or stuffed animal. However, he is seriously in love with his 'Honey Bear.' On cold mornings I like to heat up his bear so it can keep his hands warm on the way to school. This bear is such a sweet little companion! His Honey Bear will be a major source of comfort and relief the next time a fever strikes."

This is but a couple of samples of what moms are saying about the Thermal-Aid Bear. "Now continued positive reviews regarding the New Zoo Animals have bloggers and magazine editors scrambling to launch reviews and giveaways for the New Year," states Mills.

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