Chillingo's The Act goes free just in time for Valentine's Day


If you've yet to try Chillingo's interactive comedy mobile game "The Act," you'll have a chance to do so for free just in time for Valentine's Day. Chillingo has released "The Act: Arcade" on iPhone and iPad, giving players a taste of what the full game contains.

While we're not one to typically praise "lite" versions of games, The Act is worth trying simply for its unique style. The game follows helpless romantic Edgar as he tries to woo the woman of his dreams, while also balancing a bunch of additional obstacles that life throws his way, like keeping his job as a window washer. Gameplay in The Act: Arcade sees you swiping on the screen to control Edgar's emotions and interact with the environment.

The farther you swipe, the larger an effect you'll have on Edgar, so it is possible to go too far and create more trouble for Edgar, rather than helping him. The Act: Arcade is a story-driven experience, and it's a pretty large download as a result, but if you have the 500 mb+ free on your iOS device of choice, you can now download The Act: Arcade for free on iOS.

Download The Act: Arcade on iOS for free >

Have you tried The Act: Arcade? Do you think this free trial is enough to get you to pay $0.99 for the full game. Sound off in the comments!