Listing Fail: 'Disciplinarians' Could Live Rent-Free in New York

Craigslist ad for disciplinarian
Craigslist ad for disciplinarian

Want to live rent-free in New York City? You could either squat in a home that's not yours (at the risk of eviction and, you know, arrest), or you could help this "interracial gay couple" do some squats in exchange for a free place to stay in Brooklyn. In order to pay $0 a month to live in a borough of one of the world's most expensive cities, all you have to do is be the couple's on-call health and fitness guru. Take them to the gym, figure out a "walking schedule for the park, maybe some calisthenics" and help them make healthy daily eating choices (i.e. some strict meal planning).

That all kind of sounds acceptable, if you're desperate for a place to crash and have your own fitness in check. But then there's this one line that throws us into suspicion mode: "As an aside, one of the guys needs 'discipline' approximately once a week (we can discuss that in more detail if you are interested in pursuing the conversation)." Um, OK. According to New York magazine, this might mean some light spanking here or there. Guess we'll never know: The ad, only a month old, has since been taken down. Guess the guy got punished for it.

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