Shut up and take my money: Every Angry Birds HD edition is 99 cents

Angry Birds sale
Angry Birds sale

You heard right: Every single HD rendition of Angry Birds ever made--including the recent hit Angry Birds Star Wars--is available on iPad and Android tablets for a mere 99 cents. To make this clear: You could buy every Angry Birds game for your iPad or, say, your Kindle Fire HD, for less than what your lunch will probably cost today. That's nothing to scoff at.

Oh, and because the folks at Rovio are just that classy, both Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies have had their prices slashed to a measly 99 cents as well. So, really, you could have the entire Rovio collection for six bucks. While each game in succession hasn't exactly reinvented the wheel, let's face it: They're the embodiment of what we love about mobile games. We hope the gravity of the situation is sinking in, and when it finally does, you can click the links below to pick up these bad boys--err--piggies.

Download Angry Birds HD >

Download Angry Birds Seasons HD >

Download Angry Birds Space HD >

Download Angry Birds Star Wars HD >

Download Angry Birds Star Wars HD on Android >

Download Amazing Alex HD >

Download Bad Piggies HD >

Download Bad Piggies HD on Android >

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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