Worms on Facebook will turn your Facebook friends into frenemies

Worms on Facebook
Worms on Facebook

The ultimate turn-based frag fest has finally arrived on Facebook. Developer Team17 has released its hit strategy franchise Worms on the social network. While the focus here is on a free-to-play experience that caters to time-strapped gamers, Worms on Facebook offers real-time multiplayer between Facebook friends and random opponents.

The whole system seems designed around customization, making new friends (or enemies) to face off against and reaching a new audience for the franchise. For instance, players' worms are fully customizable as are players' own islands, and the game at launch features two environments for battle (medieval and Hawaiian) and 19 classic weapons. For players new to the series, Team17 has introduced a Firing Range feature to test new instruments of destruction.

Of course, this wouldn't be a Facebook game without all the trimmings: Experience points and coins to pick up, a cash shop and calls to share your experience on your Timeline are all present and accounted for. But after a brief time with Worms on Facebook, none of that seems to detract from the core Worms experience this editor has grown to love--there isn't even an energy system ... yet. If you're itching for that Worms fix or want to give a friend their first hit, this might be the best way, what with being free and all.

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