Words With Friends creator, Tim Schafer to support Ouya console


Looks like somebody is jazzed about Ouya. The Android-based home gaming console just earned the support of two major names in gaming: Double Fine Productions founder (and Kickstarter darling) Tim Schafer and Words With Friends creator Paul Bettner. Joystiq reports that the former of which will bring adventure games The Cave and Reds to Ouya, slated to launch in June.

The latter of which is so bullish on the tiny, open source game machine that he has founded a brand new studio, Verse, with two unannounced projects in the works for the console. Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman broke the news during a session at the DICE Summit held in Las Vegas alongside the mobile word (game) smith himself, Paul Better.

"Ouya and Verse are nothing less than The Return Of Console Gaming. The last big wave was mobile ... Words With Friends is the most played game across all mobile platforms," Bettner said, according to Joystiq. "And yet I believe we're about to see another disruption even bigger than this last. Gamers want the App Store in their living room. Ouya will be the first to deliver it, and it's going to change everything. Again."

Of course, that's assuming gamers want the Android app store in their living room. We'll see whether that's the case come this June, and none of these games have official release dates.

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