Swampy and Perry feel the love in Where's My Valentine? on iOS, Android


After joining together to celebrate Christmas in Where's My Holiday?, Swampy from Where's My Water? and Perry from Where's My Perry? have teamed up yet again, this time to celebrate Valentine's Day. While technically not a new app, the "Where's My Valentine?" experience has been released as a transformation to the Where's My Holiday? app that's available to download for free on either iOS or Android.

If you still have that Christmas-themed app on your phone, an update is now available that will turn it from one filled with snow to one filled with hearts and love. In this romantic new update, players can take on 12 new levels, with six levels being available for both Swampy and Perry. The levels come themed as you'd expect, with heart-shaped land and obstacle designs, and the same requirements that we've long come to expect from the series.

In Swampy's levels, you'll need to guide water into a tube to give Swampy a shower, while Perry's levels see you helping him teleport into the next stage, also by collecting water. Bombs, steam and more must be manipulated in order to complete these stages and earn all of the ducks or gnomes in a single level, and you can easily go back and replay any stages that you''d like. This Valentine-themed update will likely only be available for a limited time, so make sure to download Where's My Valentine? for free on iOS or Android now.

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Have you already downloaded Where's My Valentine? Which set of romantic new levels is your favorite - Swampy's or Perry's? Sound off in the comments!