Maintenance Worker Walter Slonopas Quits After Seeing '666' On Tax Form

Walter Slonopas 666
Walter Slonopas 666

At a time when most people are clinging to their jobs, there are still a few things that a worker won't stand. Like Satan. Ever since he started his job as a maintenance worker, the "mark of the beast" has been following Walter Slonopas. And when he saw the number "666" printed on his W-2 tax form, reports The Tennessean newspaper, he decided to quit for good.

Slonopas, 52, started working for Contech Casting LLC in Clarksville, Tenn., in April 2011. On his first day, he was supposed to get 668 as his clock-in number, but was given 666 by mistake. As a born-again Christian who believes strongly that triple sixes are Lucifer's mark, Slonopas complained, and its human resources department fixed the error.