Microchip Technology Announces Record Net Sales

Microchip Technology Announces Record Net Sales


CHANDLER, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Microchip Technology Incorporated (NAS: MCHP) , a leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today reported results for the three months ended December 31, 2012 as summarized in the following table:

(in millions, except earnings per diluted share and percentages)   Three Months Ended December 31, 2012



% of Net




% of Net

Net Sales   $416.0      $416.0   
Gross Margin   $200.4   48.2%  $233.1  56.0%
Operating Income   $17.4   4.2%  $105.6  25.4%
Other Expense   $7.7      $5.6   
Income Tax Provision (Benefit)    ($0.5)     $15.5   
Net Income   $10.2   2.4%  $84.5  20.3%
Earnings per Diluted Share    5 cents       41 cents   

1 See the "Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures" section of this release.

Consolidated GAAP net sales for the third quarter of fiscal 2013 were a record $416 million, up 8.5% sequentially from net sales of $383.3 million in the immediately preceding quarter, and up 26.4% from net sales of $329.2 million in the prior year's third fiscal quarter. Consolidated GAAP net income for the third quarter of fiscal 2013 was $10.2 million, or five cents per diluted share, up from a GAAP net loss of $21.2 million, or 11 cents per diluted share, in the immediately preceding quarter, and down from GAAP net income of $77.5 million, or 38 cents per diluted share, in the prior year's third fiscal quarter. The GAAP results were negatively impacted by the expenses associated with our acquisition activities as more fully described later in this release.

Consolidated non-GAAP net sales for the third quarter of fiscal 2013 were a record $416 million, up 2.0% sequentially from non-GAAP net sales of $407.8 million in the immediately preceding quarter, and up 26.4% from non-GAAP net sales of $329.2 million in the prior year's third fiscal quarter. Consolidated non-GAAP net income for the third quarter of fiscal 2013 was $84.5 million, or 41 cents per diluted share, down 13.5% from non-GAAP net income of $97.7 million, or 48 cents per diluted share, in the immediately preceding quarter, and down 1.1% from non-GAAP net income of $85.4 million, or 42 cents per diluted share, in the prior year's third fiscal quarter. For the third quarters of fiscal 2013 and fiscal 2012, our non-GAAP results exclude the effect of share-based compensation, expenses related to our acquisition activities (including intangible asset amortization, inventory valuation costs, restructuring costs, earn out adjustments and legal and other general and administrative expenses associated with acquisitions), and non-cash interest expense on our convertible debentures. A reconciliation of our non-GAAP and GAAP results is included in this press release.

Microchip also announced today that its Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend on its common stock of 35.3 cents per share. The quarterly dividend is payable on March 7, 2013 to stockholders of record on February 21, 2013.

"We were pleased with our execution in the December quarter despite a very challenging macroeconomic environment," said Steve Sanghi, President and CEO. "Our net sales, gross margin, operating expenses and earnings per share were all better than the mid-point of our guidance given on November 8, 2012."

Mr. Sanghi added, "We achieved an all-time record in net sales of $416 million in the December quarter. Net sales of microcontroller products were up 1.8% sequentially at $266 million, while achieving record sales for 16-bit as well as 32-bit microcontrollers, thus exemplifying our continued strength in this market."

"Our 16-bit microcontroller business was up 12.6% sequentially in the December quarter, achieving a new record for revenue," said Ganesh Moorthy, Chief Operating Officer. "We continue to expand the breadth of the 16-bit solutions we are offering, and customers we are serving, as we continue to gain share in this market."

Mr. Moorthy continued, "Our 32-bit microcontroller revenue was up 17.4% sequentially in the December quarter, also achieving a new record. We are continuing to win new designs and expanding into new applications to enable further growth in revenue and market share."

Mr. Moorthy concluded, "Our analog revenue grew 7.7% sequentially in the December quarter to achieve a new record, and our analog business continues to perform exceptionally well. Analog revenue represented 22.4% of Microchip's overall revenue in the December quarter, the highest proportion of our revenue ever."

Eric Bjornholt, Microchip's Chief Financial Officer, said, "We made good progress in reducing our inventory position in the December quarter. The actions that we implemented to reduce factory output in the December quarter are bringing inventory levels down and we expect to make further progress in the March quarter."

Mr. Bjornholt added, "We had strong free cash flow generation in the December quarter at $123.2 million prior to our dividend payment of $68.7 million. We ended the quarter with $1.77 billion in cash and investments on the balance sheet."

Mr. Sanghi concluded, "The March quarter has the seasonal effect of the Chinese New Year. However, we are starting to see exceptionally strong bookings and expedite activity in our business driven by solid demand and a robust design win pipeline. We believe the December quarter was the bottom of this cycle for Microchip, and we expect our total net sales in the March quarter to be up between one and four percent sequentially."

Microchip's Recent Highlights:

  • Microchip introduced the world's first electrical-field-based 3D gesture controller, featuring its patented GestIC® technology, which enables the next dimension in intuitive, gesture-based, non-contact and mobile-friendly 3D user interfaces for a broad range of end products. The configurable MGC3130 3D gesture controller provides low-power, precise, fast and robust hand position tracking, along with free-space gesture recognition.
  • Continuing its string of recent innovations, Microchip launched the world's first analog-based power management controller with an integrated MCU, for flexible, efficient power conversion. This followed announcements of a high-voltage analog buck PWM controller with integrated MOSFET drivers, and Microchip's first family of high-speed, low figure-of-merit MOSFETs. Together, these new offerings represent a major expansion of Microchip's mid-voltage controller and MOSFET portfolio, providing a host of industry-leading options to the designers of DC/DC power-conversion applications.
  • In the 32-bit microcontroller arena, Microchip boosted performance by 25%, on its low-cost, small-package PIC32 MX1/MX2 series. These feature-packed MCUs include I2S for audio applications, along with capacitive touch and USB OTG. To enable cost-effective multitouch displays, Microchip also introduced the PIC32 GUI Development Board with Projected-Capacitive Touch. This board demonstrates how the high-performance PIC32 eliminates the cost and complexity of an external graphics controller.
  • The Company also announced the expansion of its mTouch™ Sensing Solutions portfolio, with four turnkey controllers for multitouch projected-capacitive touchscreens and touchpads, proximity detection, and haptic touch feedback.
  • On the wireless front, Microchip launched the world's first wireless-audio solution for iOS, Android™, Windows® 8 and Mac®—the new JukeBlox® 3.2 platform and software development kit. This platform expansion added seamless integration of cloud-based music services and simultaneous Wi-Fi® audio streaming to multiple home-audio products.
  • Microchip also introduced a Bluetooth® module for streaming audio. This pre-certified module builds on the portfolio's data capabilities with added support for streaming music and voice, while maintaining low power consumption and a small form factor.
  • The Company's industry-leading memory catalog continued its steady expansion, with three new SPI SuperFlash® memory devices that feature low power consumption and an extended operating-voltage range.
  • The industry continued to recognize Microchip's technology leadership and innovation, in the form of prestigious annual awards from top publications. EDN Magazine named six of Microchip's products to its 2012 Hot 100 list, across five categories. Included in that list was the brand-new GestIC® Technology, which was also selected by Electronic Design Magazine for their 2012 "Best of" awards, in the Digital category. The readers of ECN Magazine chose Microchip's JukeBlox Wireless Audio Platform for a Readers Choice Tech Award, in the "Boards & Modules" category. Finally, Microchip's 8-bit PIC® MCUs with Configurable Logic were named finalists by the editors of Design News Magazine, in their Golden Mousetrap Awards.

Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year 2013 Outlook:

The following statements are based on current expectations. These statements are forward-looking, and actual results may differ materially.

   Microchip Consolidated Guidance


Net Sales   $420.2 to $432.7 million     $420.2 to $432.7 million
Gross Margin2   55.0% to 55.5%  $3.1 to $3.3 million  55.75% to 56.25%
Operating Expenses2   42.25% to 43.25%  $54.6 to $56.3 million  29.25% to 30.25%
Other Expense   $6.7 million  $2.1 million  $4.6 million
Income Tax Expense   $4.9 to $6.1 million  $3.8 to $3.9 million  $8.7 to $10.0 million
Net Income   $37.7 to $44.5 million  $56.1 to $57.7 million  $93.8 to $102.2 million

Diluted Common Shares Outstanding3


Approximately 209
million shares


Approximately 0.3
million shares


Approximately 208.7
million shares

Earnings per Diluted Share   18 to 21 cents  27 to 28 cents  45 to 49 cents


 See the "Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures" section of this release.


Earnings per share have been calculated based on the diluted shares outstanding of Microchip on a consolidated basis.


See Footnote 2 under the "Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures" section of this release.
  • Microchip's inventory days at March 31, 2013 are expected to be about 123 to 129 days. Our inventory position enables us to continue to service our customers with very short lead times while allowing us to control future capital expenditures. Our actual inventory level will depend on the inventory that our distributors decide to hold to support their customers, overall demand for our products and our production levels.
  • Capital expenditures for the quarter ending March 31, 2013 are expected to be approximately $24 million. Capital expenditures for all of fiscal year 2013 are anticipated to be approximately $60 million. We are continuing to take actions to selectively invest in the equipment needed to support the expected growth of our new products and technologies.
  • We expect net cash generation during the March quarter of approximately $110 million to $130 million prior to the dividend payment and our acquisition-related activities.
  • Included in the GAAP and non-GAAP income tax expense guidance for the quarter ended March 31, 2013 is a $5.6 million favorable impact from the retroactive reinstatement of the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit.



Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures: Our Non-GAAP adjustments, where applicable, include the effect of share-based compensation, expenses related to our acquisition activities (including intangible asset amortization, inventory valuation costs, restructuring costs, severance costs, earn-out adjustments and legal and other general and administrative expenses associated with acquisitions), losses on equity securities, legal settlements, and non-cash interest expense on our convertible debentures, the related income tax implications of these items and nonrecurring tax events.

We are required to estimate the cost of certain forms of share-based compensation, including employee stock options, restricted stock units and our employee stock purchase plan, and to record a commensurate expense in our income statement. Share-based compensation expense is a non-cash expense that varies in amount from period to period and is affected by the price of our stock at the date of grant. The price of our stock is affected by market forces that are difficult to predict and are not within the control of management. The value of our equity securities varies in amount from period to period and is affected by fluctuations in the market prices of such securities that we cannot predict and are not within the control of management. The non-GAAP adjustments related to the impact of our acquisitions, legal settlements, nonrecurring tax events and a portion of our interest expense related to our convertible debentures are either non-cash expenses or non-recurring expenses related to such transactions. Accordingly, management excludes all of these items from its internal operating forecasts and models.
We are using non-GAAP net sales, non-GAAP gross profit, non-GAAP gross profit percentage, non-GAAP operating expenses in dollars and as a percentage of sales including non-GAAP research and development expenses and non-GAAP selling, general and administrative expenses, non-GAAP operating income, non-GAAP other expense, net, non-GAAP income tax/tax rate, non-GAAP net income, and non-GAAP diluted earnings per share which exclude the items noted in the immediately preceding paragraph, as applicable, to permit additional analysis of our performance.
Management believes these non-GAAP measures are useful to investors because they enhance the understanding of our historical financial performance and comparability between periods. Many of our investors have requested that we disclose this non-GAAP information because they believe it is useful in understanding our performance as it excludes non-cash and other charges that many investors feel may obscure our underlying operating results. Management uses these non-GAAP measures to manage and assess the profitability of its business. Specifically, we do not consider such items when developing and monitoring our budgets and spending. As described above, the economic substance behind our decision to exclude such items relates either to these charges being non-cash in nature, or to the one-time nature of the events, or in the case of distributor inventory acquired in an acquisition being recognized as net sales for non-GAAP purposes on sell-through to provide comparability between periods for the results of the acquired company, or in the case of our equity securities, because such item is difficult to predict and not within the control of management. Our determination of the above non-GAAP measures might not be the same as similarly titled measures used by other companies, and it should not be construed as a substitute for amounts determined in accordance with GAAP. There are limitations associated with using non-GAAP measures, including that they exclude financial information that some may consider important in evaluating our performance. Management compensates for this by presenting information on both a GAAP and non-GAAP basis for investors and providing reconciliations of the GAAP and non-GAAP results.


Diluted Common Shares Outstanding can vary for, among other things, the trading price of our common stock, the actual exercise of options or vesting of restricted stock units, the potential for incremental dilutive shares from our convertible debentures (additional information regarding our share count is available in the investor relations section of our website under the heading "Supplemental Financial Information"), and the repurchase or the issuance of stock. The diluted common shares outstanding presented in the guidance table above assumes an average Microchip stock price in the March 2013 quarter of $35 per share (however, we make no prediction as to what our actual share price will be for such period or any other period and we cannot estimate what our stock option exercise activity will be during the quarter).



Generally, gross margin fluctuates over time, driven primarily by the mix of microcontrollers, analog products and memory products sold and licensing revenue; variances in manufacturing yields; fixed cost absorption; wafer fab loading levels; inventory reserves; pricing pressures in our non-proprietary product lines; and competitive and economic conditions. Operating expenses fluctuate over time, primarily due to net sales and profit levels.


(in thousands except per share amounts)


Three Months EndedNine Months Ended

December 31,

December 31,

Net sales$416,047$329,156$1,151,479$1,044,265
Cost of sales 215,619  143,668  552,059  440,617 
Gross profit200,428185,488599,420603,648
Operating expenses:
Research and development71,37744,256184,285134,937
Selling, general and administrative69,36851,087196,727158,603
Amortization of acquired intangible assets39,7112,67871,6158,161
Special charges (income) 2,559  (660) 24,953  (660)
 183,015  97,361  477,580  301,041 
Operating income17,41388,127121,840302,607
(Losses) gains on equity method investments(229)14(382)(60)
Other expense, net (7,492) (4,464) (18,783) (14,774)
Income before income taxes9,69283,677102,675287,773
Income tax (benefit) provision (481) 6,188  34,976  31,704 
Net income$10,173 $77,489 $67,699 $256,069 
Basic net income per common share$0.05 $0.40 $0.35 $1.34 
Diluted net income per common share$0.05 $0.38 $0.33 $1.26 
Basic common shares outstanding 194,958  191,640  194,157  190,854 
Diluted common shares outstanding 204,405  203,291  204,553  202,686 
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