Home Where Lee Harvey Oswald Slept Before JFK Assassination to be Restored

Lee Harvey Oswald and the home he rented in Irving,Texas
Lee Harvey Oswald and the home he rented in Irving,Texas

Months before the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination, the Texas city of Irving has announced that it will restore the home in which Lee Harvey Oswald slept on the night before the assassination.

According to police, the "blanket-wrapped rifle" used in the assassination was stored inside the garage of the house. Oswald also reportedly left his wedding ring and some cash in the room he shared with his wife -- dubbed the "Oswald bedroom" -- before he left the home on the morning of Nov. 22, 1963.

The city of Irving purchased the home from a woman named Ruth Paine, and will spend $100,000 to restore it to its original 1963 appearance. The city also announced that it will turn the home into a "historical museum." Though archivists, history buffs and tourists alike applaud the city's plans, neighbors have had mixed reactions since the plans were announced.

"Every time the anniversary gets close, the rental cars pull up and everybody bails out with their cameras and takes pictures of it and that kind of thing," neighbor Anthony Rucker told NBC News. Rucker has lived across the road from the "Lee Harvey Oswald home" since 1987. "It's odd. I don't get the gist of it, to turn it back into what it was."