Is This Merck's Secret Weapon?


Drugmaker Eli Lilly drew cheers from shareholders last year after releasing disappointing phase 3 trial data for its experimental Alzheimer's disease drug solanezumab.

Wait -- disappointing?

You're probably wondering if you read that correctly, but it's true. Despite failing to meet its primary endpoints, the drug showed some promise and Lilly is proceeding with another phase 3 trial this year to examine the treatment's efficacy in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease. One of Lilly's competitors in this space, pharma giant Merck , is working on a phase 2/3 trial for its own experimental drug MK-8931. In this video, our health care analyst discusses this therapeutic area and why this could be the most important drug in Merck's pipeline today.

For nearly 100 years, Merck's cutting-edge research has led to a number of medical breakthroughs. Today, however, this pharma stalwart is staring down a steep patent cliff and facing generic competition for its top-selling drug. Will Merck crumble under its own weight, or will it continue to pay dividends to investors for another century? To find out if this pharma giant has the stamina to keep its Bunsen burners alight, grab your copy of our brand new premium research report today. Our senior biotech analyst Brian Orelli, Ph.D., walks you through both the opportunities and threats facing Merck, and the report comes with a full 12 months of updates. Claim your copy now by clicking here.

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