How the atmostphere in Dead Space 3 makes the experience

Dead Space 3 The third episode of the Dead Space: A Journey Through Terror mini-series came out today. This time EA is featuring the element of atmosphere in the Dead Space franchise. While staying away from a first person view, Dead Space has always made the player see everything Isaac is seeing. Furthermore, the avoidance of using a typical HUD, everything you need to know is on Isaac's suit and weapon: health, stasis levels, and ammo. This feature has always been one of my personal favorites in the series.Gamezone

Another feature I've loved in the Dead Space games is how Isaac is just an engineer. He's not some military project or even a solider; just some dude that was in the wrong place at the wrong time and learned to adapt to with the skills he knows. Luckily for him, the engineering cutters are ideal for dismembering Necromorphs.

Whether Isaac is using his kinesis module or breathing oxygen while in space, his suit has always had what was necessary to survive Necromorph outbreaks -- not to mention how it's also worked as armor vs. the claws and bites of Necromorphs. Check out the video below for all the atmospheric Dead Space goodies.

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