Help star-crossed lovers reunite one level at a time in Be Together on iOS


Just in time for Valentine's Day, LinkGoGame and Chillingo have partnered up to release Be Together, a cute iOS puzzle game that stars two colorful orbs that want nothing more than to be together forever. In each level of Be Together, you'll need to avoid obstacles and manipulate items like clouds in order to create a path for the orbs to meet, hopefully earning all three stars in each stage along the way.

Be Together is comparable to games like Cat Around Europe, here on It starts simply, with very straightforward paths for the orb(s) to take, but they quickly become complicated via the addition of clouds, ramps, lightning bars, elevators, fans, gears, warp holes, and more. Many of these items are stationary, but others can be dragged around the stage to create a path for the orb to either simply reach its love, or for it to reach the level's three stars. In this way, Be Together tends to become a game more about trial and error than anything else, until the solution either suddenly pops into your head, or you randomly complete a stage by accident.


It's unfortunate that this is the case, as it's possible to spend a few minutes struggling with a single puzzle. Without earning stars on these puzzles, you won't unlock additional levels or overall level packs, and might have to resort to using one of your limited hints. Hints will show you where one particular object should be placed, but they won't solve a stage for you completely. Once you run out of hints, you'll need to purchase additional hints with real money, which, as we've noted before, simply shouldn't be the case when the game already costs $0.99 to download.

Thankfully, if you decide not to spend money on the game, and instead accept the ample trial and error that lies before you, you'll be greeted with cute sound effects and adorable graphics as this pair of blobs giggle with delight when reunited, and hearts appear over their heads. Even some of the tools or obstacles are brought to life with faces and eyes that follow your movement around the screen. The game is full of lots of little touches that will keep you going to see the next stage, but there's still a lot of challenge that will stop most players from blowing through every level in a single sitting. Whether or not that challenge and repetition is actually a good thing will be up to you.

If you'd like to try Be Together for yourself, you can now download the game for $0.99 on iPhone or iPad.

Download Be Together for $0.99 on iTunes >

Have you tried Be Together, or another similar puzzle game on your iOS device of choice? What do you think of this pair of cute blobs? Sound off in the comments!