FarmVille 2 Gothic Revival Workshop Recipes: Everything you need to know


Our look at the new Gothic Revival theme in FarmVille 2 continues with a complete guide to the Crafting Workshop recipes that have also been released in this theme. There are three new recipes in all, some of which will be required if you'd like to finish the game's Florist Table feature. You do want that Florist Table, don't you? Then read on.

The first recipe is the Black Pansy Bouquet, which is created using five Flasks and eight Black Pansies. The Flasks are earned by asking your friends to send them to you directly, while the Black Pansies are grown in two hour increments for 40 coins per square. You'll earn 17 XP for each one of these Bouquets that you create, and you can then sell them for 2,310 coins each. Remember though, you won't be able to sell a few of these, as they'll be used by the Florist Table on your farm.

The second recipe is the Black Pansy Wreath, which is created using 10 Black Pansies and one Wool Bolt. The Wool Bolt is a crafting recipe in and of itself, requiring eight Wool to create (two bundles of four Wool each). Each Black Pansy Wreath sells for 1,990 coins, and you'll receive 14 XP for creating them.

Finally, the Black Pansy Scented Bag is created using 12 Black Pansies and 10 Beautyberries. While the first two recipes are completed using "free" items, these Beautyberries come from the premium Beautyberry Tree. This tree costs 12 Farm Bucks in the store, but if you're not willing to pay that yourself, you can always tend your friend's Beautyberry Trees (if any of your friends purchase them, that is) and hope that you receive berries yourself. Either way, if you do end up crafting any of these Black Pansy Scented Bags, you'll be given 19 XP per craft, and you'll be able to sell them for 3,030 coins each.

These recipes will only be available for the next 25 days, but the items in the Gothic Revival theme will expire from the store after only 18 days. If you're interested in making anything with the Beautyberries, make sure to purchase at least one of these trees for your farm before they expire.

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What do you think of these Gothic Revival Crafting Workshop recipes? Will you purchase a Beautyberry Tree to craft these Black Pansy Scented Bags? Sound off in the comments!