Dead Space 3: The best cheats, tips and guides around the web

Dead Space 3 cheats tips
Dead Space 3 cheats tips

Based on early impressions from various news outlets, survival horror fans are in for a treat with EA and Visceral Games's Dead Space 3 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. However, they might need a helping hand along the way, and that's where the cheat-meisters come in. We've rounded up five places with quality tips and guides to help you neutralize those Necromorphs in good form. (Click on the names to get to the good stuff.)


This source stands to become one of the best guides around as time progresses, thanks to user-generated content. As of right now, however, you can learn everything there is to know about Dead Space 3 at a high level. Get informed here.

InGame (NBC)

The editor of InGame spoke directly with executive producer Steve Papoutsis to serve up seven tips for how to best enjoy this survival horror threequel straight from the developer. Take in the tips here.


The storied game news site already has one of the most detailed wiki guides around for every bit of info you'll need to give the aliens of Dead Space 3 what for. Be walked through here.


One GamesBeat's editors took plenty of time to break down the essentials you'll need--from the best weapons to where to find precious Peng--to tackle one of the first major game releases of 2013. Digest the essentials here.


Finally, if you're the more visual type, Gameranx has a complete video guide for how to beat Dead Space 3 split into 23 digestible chapters. Watch and learn right here.

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