ChefVille 'And the Winner Is...' Quests: Everything you need to know


While we may be in the middle of Rock's specific Valentine's Day quests in ChefVille, Madeline is already working on deciding between Rock and Colby as Valentine's Day draws closer. She's back in our restaurants again with a series of five quests titled "And the Winner is..." We'll have 11 days to complete all five of these quests, which require us to build a new Cupid Statue in our restaurant, collect roses and much more. We're here with a guide to these quests, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

In the Mood for Love

  • Place Cupid Statue

  • Click on the Cupid Statue

  • Collect from Rose Stand 2 Times

The Cupid Statue is given to you to place when you login to the game, and it comes fully built. When you click on the Statue, you'll see a window that allows you to choose whether or not Madeline ends up with Rock or Colby by collecting items that relate to each individual male character. If you'd like Madeline to end up with Rock, you can collect "Rock Sweethearts," and if you'd like her to end up with Colby, you'll need to collect "Colby Sweethearts." Regardless of your choice, you'll need to collect 25 of a particular kind of Sweetheart to earn a themed teddy bear, and if you want both prizes, you can simply ask for 50 Sweethearts in total to fill up both totals, as seen below.

Thankfully, both of these Sweethearts can be earned by posting general news items to your wall, so you can ask for both kinds of items at the same time without having to worry about sending requests specifically to your neighbors. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive two Wild Mushrooms, 10 XP, and 15 coins.

After this point, there will actually be a break in these quests in your game, as the rest of the four quests will only become available every few days, leading up to Valentine's Day itself. Still, here's a look at the series' additional quests so that you

can plan ahead.

Feed the Fever (released on 2/8)

  • Click on the Cupid Statue

  • Cook 10 Dishes with Wild Mushrooms

  • Cook 10 Dishes with Wild Onions

If you're looking to complete this quest quickly, you can serve 10 Veggie Kebabs in a matter of minutes to knock out the Mushrooms task, while Philly Cheesesteak can be cooked in two minutes per serving using Onions. You can also complete this quest by cooking dishes that you've yet to completely master - it's all up to you and how quickly you'd like to complete this quest. When you finish it off, you'll receive a One-Hour Thyme, one Beet, and 10 coins.

Spreading the Love (released on 2/10)

  • Give 5 Roses to Customers

  • Cook 2 Foccacia

  • Ask friends for 5 Love Pangs

If you've run out of Roses, remember that you can click to give a Rose to a customer and then send out requests for your friends to send some extra roses to you. As for the Focaccia, these can be cooked inside the Brick Oven using five Onions, two Dough, and one Pepper each. The dish takes 16 hours to cook, but since you don't have to actually serve this dish, you can simply start it, cancel it, and then start it again right away to finish this task. When you complete this quest, you'll earn one Onion Gravy, 10 XP, and 15 coins.

Love Harvest (released on 2/12)

  • Click on the Cupid statue

  • Harvest 5 Wheat Bread

  • Harvest 8 Tomatoes

This incredibly simple quest can be finished by just spending 13 energy on the stalls in your restaurant. You can also attempt to earn these items by tending stalls in your friends' restaurants, but there's no guarantee that those actions will count. Completing this quest gives you two Beef, one Pepper, and 10 coins.

Lover, Calm Down (released on 2/14)

  • Give 5 Roses to Madeline

  • Collect 5 Mixed Greens

  • Ask friends for 5 Calming Chamomile Tea

The Roses are the Roses that you use to earn recommendations in your restaurant. If you have five in your current inventory, they'll automatically be taken to give to Madeline to complete this task. Finally, the Mixed Greens are earned by tending various plants and bushes in your restaurant, so simply click on five of those to finish this final quest in the series. You'll receive a Rapid Rosemary, one Salt, and 10 XP for finishing this quest off.

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