Valentine's Day Gifts: Tiffany Wants Lovers to Get the Not-So-Subtle Hint


Odds are, your paramour does not want a blender for Valentine's Day. And despite what he or she may say in the moment, that "Thank you, I love it" will never ring quite true.

For lovers who don't want to leave things to chance on Feb. 14, Tiffany (TIF) has introduced a "Drop a Hint" feature on its website. It generates a personalized email to your significant other with an embedded link to the desired item and a note that will read, "Dear X, this might be just the thing to put Molly on cloud nine."

This isn't the first time Tiffany has helped diamond lovers drop hints: Jewelry shoppers on Tiffany's site can pin, post, or tweet links to items all they please. But those posts come with solely descriptive accompanying text ("Tiffany Metro Heart pendant in 18k white gold with diamonds, small," for instance, instead of "Check out this great item on Tiffany").

Of course, like all posts, pins, and tweets, users can customize their message ("I'd love this Tiffany Metro Heart for my birthday!"), but the Drop a Hint feature removes even the last traces of subtlety from the equation. The email is sent from the hint-dropper's email address, and there's no way to pretend it came anonymously from a concerned friend who's watched years of kitchen appliance gifting disasters.

Keep Dropping Those Hints!

The product referral idea isn't a new one. Most major retailers, including Valentine's Day favorites Victoria's Secret and Sephora, offer a chance to email, post, pin, or like an item.

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Burberry goes one step further and enables users to drop "anonymous" hints. The feature allows shoppers to customize a message that is then sent via a Burberry customer service email account. Just choose a name ("Your Guardian Angel," perhaps?) and the email text then reads, "Your Guardian Angel would like to share a product with you."

And just in case you truly do want a blender for Valentine's Day, Cuisinart also offers a chance to hint via email.

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