Top Valentine's Day iPhone And iPad Games


If love isn't in the air already, it will be in a week or so when gift card and fluffy toy manufacturers have their first Christmas of 2013. Those less cynical about the impending holiday season might be interested in checking out some of the Valentine's-themed goodies available from the App Store.

If you're looking to feel the mobile lurve this Valentine's Day, here are some of the best games you can grab right now.

The Simpsons Tapped Out

The game that broke a thousand touchscreens through furious tapping has just received a new update to mark the season. This Valentine's addition to The Simpsons: Tapped Out introduces new quests, new buildings, new characters and - of course - a whole lot more tapping to be done in this titanic title that continues to trouble the App Store charts. Of course what we'd really like is an Android version of the game this Valentine's Day. Any chance of some love EA?

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Where's My Water?

Where's My Water? has to be one of the most generously updated mobile games we've ever played, so it was no surprise to see Disney give the gift of level-based love to this ever-popular mobile game. One of the best physics puzzlers you can get your hands on, in Where's My Water? you'll need to guide water, steam and all manner of liquids around some devilishly designed levels.

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Slots: Valentine's Edition

If your idea of romance is sitting in a smokey Las Vegas casino, eyes glazing over as you funnel a steady stream of quarters into a machine that, ultimately, hates you then Slots: Valentine's Edition is a must-have this holiday season. There's a variety of different themes to choose between, from the treasures of the pharaohs to the perils of an alien invasion, and it's free to download too.

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Dragon Story: Valentine's Day

This Valentine's edition of TeamLava's incredibly popular Dragon Story tasks players with uncovering the secrets of the rare Passion Dragon by helping two dragon soulmates find love with one another. Apart from that, it's very much business-as-usual for this addictive simulation-lite, and it's packed full of the same hatching, breeding and land-planning you've come to expect from the series.

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Angry Birds Seasons

The Hogs and Kisses update to the ever-present Angry Birds brought with it a love-themed challenge for the one gaming series that needs no introduction. Expect a touch of pink blush to the levels and interface of the game, as well as 18 very challenging puzzles that are packed with hidden golden eggs.

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