The Blockheads Diary: Day One

Over the last week or so, we've brought you some of the finest creations the fans have cooked up in the chart-topping sandbox creation game The Blockheads. Perhaps rather foolishly, we've set out to see what we ourselves can create in the game. Expect embarrassment in the long run.

We'll be posting our grand adventures in the game on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for new updates. But first, the all-important starting hovel...ModojoWelcome to Beddersland! Warped in, fresh from the...well, wherever The Blockheads come from, our adventurer arrives in a whole new world. And what's this? We seem to have landed slap bang on a handy flint deposit - helpful for when we come to build our first set of tools.ModojoFirst things first, we want to do a little light excavating around the surrounding area. Technically, it would be easier to carve up that flint using a crafted tool, but with a long day ahead of us it makes sense to just clear out a little space and get our - temporary - dirt shack underway. Bedders here won't like it if he gets rained on, so getting basic protection from the elements is the first priority.ModojoWasn't it exciting when we saw all that flint lying just beneath our feet when we arrived? It turns out that we've paid for that rich supply of minerals with a rather disappointing lack of trees. You can't see from this screenshot just how far Bedders has had to run to get to this very welcome miniature glade, but let's just say it took a while. We also forgot to craft a flint axe before departing, so there's nothing to do but get our hands dirty.ModojoAnd then, apropos of nothing, a donkey shows up. I don't know at this point what donkeys can be used for in the game, but I do learn very quickly that they take offense at being harvested. Sorry donkey - I just wanted to be friends.ModojoWith night drawing in rapidly, it's time to finish off the basic construction of our starting hovel. Nothing fancy here, we just keep chipping away to get extra dirt and try to expand the dwelling so that we can comfortably fit all of the crafting workbenches and maybe a bed for Bedders. Note how the queuing system allows us to send him on his work duties with a list of instructions.ModojoThe sun's back up, and there's just a few more blocks needed to complete our rather grimy home-from-home. Bedders will carry on laying out those dirt blocks just as long as he has enough of them in his inventory. We've also managed to get all four crafting benches in place, allowing us to create tools, construction objects, and extra baskets so that we can gather more materials on our adventures tomorrow.ModojoAnd here we are, the product of a day's work. What have we got to show for it? Well, we're not going to win any architectural awards with our firstModojo effort, but what this image represents is a hovel that keeps Bedders out of the elements, all the crafting benches we need for tomorrow, and a packed inventory of crafting materials. To keep out any wandering animals we've got a little door there, and Bedders also has a bed by a camp-fire to keep him warm and allow him to rest up in comfort before tomorrow's adventures.

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