Frog Orbs brings Missile Command-style play to iOS this week


While many older gamers might be familiar with the classic arcade game Missile Command, developer Ballpit Monster has taken it upon itself to introduce that iconic style of "shooter" gameplay to a wider audience via Frog Orbs, its upcoming iOS game.

In Frog Orbs, you'll play as a frog wizard that looks to defend his home from a horde of invaders. You'll command the elements with your magical staff, as you launch Fire, Ice, Wind, or Earth orbs and powers from the bottom of the screen to defeat enemies that are approaching from the top. The invading army of "Benglings" comes with their own elemental weaknesses, so it will be up to you to make the most of your powers to defeat the various enemies that appear in each game or level.


From some of the game's screenshots, it looks like you'll only have limited access to each elemental power that will hopefully recharge over time. In addition, it looks as though your enemies can remove one power from your arsenal altogether to make things more challenging. You can check out the full gallery of screenshots above, or the game's official trailer below. Either way, check back with us when the game launches on iTunes this Thursday for a full review.

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