Why Some Employers Are Trying The 4-Day Workweek

Would workers benefit from a four-day work week?
Would workers benefit from a four-day work week?

In an era in which employers are cutting all imaginable costs to simply keep the lights on, it's not surprising that a few pioneering employers are experimenting with four-day workweeks. Georgia and Virginia have implemented trial phases of a plan for some government workers, reports the BBC.

Even a few private employers have tried it and report positive results. Steven Shattuck, 28, is a community manager at Slingshot SEO, a search engine optimization consultancy based in Indianapolis. He says that the company's four-day-a-week schedule is a "selling point" in recruiting new talent. And it invigorates the staff, he told the BBC

"We have really tight deadlines, it's very collaborative, we try to squeeze as much into our days as possible," Shattuck says. "On Monday mornings people aren't so groggy -- they hit the ground running."