FarmVille Valentine's Day Countdown Day 15: Get a Tuxedo Penguin!


It's day fifteen of the FarmVille Valentine's Day countdown! Today's Daily prize is a FarmVille Tuxedo Penguin. You will need to collect 12 stamps by posting a Facebook News Feed share. When one of your friends clicks on your share, you will get one item per friend that clicks. Remember, when you click on a neighbor's share, you will also get one item for yourself. Help a friend, help yourself!

You can request help every 6 hours. After fulfilling the collection requirements, you can find the the Daily Prize in your FarmVille Gift Box. Once you complete each of the countdown's Daily Prizes, you also get a bonus prize. There are 16 days of prizes and one exclusive bonus prize, the Valentine Card Unicorn when you collect all 16 daily prizes.

FarmVille Valentine's Day Countdown Day 15

  • Requirement: Get 12 collectible stamps

  • Daily Prize: FarmVille Tuxedo Penguin

FarmVille Valentine's Day Countdown 2013 Prizes:

FarmVille Proposal Gnome

FarmVille Valentine Turtle

FarmVille Engagement Ring Tree

FarmVille Cupid Kitty

FarmVille Chocolate Box Tree

FarmVille Carved Tree

FarmVille Chocolate Bear

FarmVille Smitten Anteater

FarmVille Cupid Dragon

FarmVille Candy Heart Tree

FarmVille Tuxedo Penguin

FarmVille Bouquet Cow

FarmVille Mystery Game Dart

FarmVille Valentine Swing

FarmVille Giant Heart Tiger

FarmVille Unwither

FarmVille Valentine Card Unicorn

Are you working on this FarmVille countdown? What do you think of the daily prizes?