FarmVille 2 Florist Table: Everything you need to know


In the world of FarmVille 2, Valentine's Day is about more than just collecting red and pink hearts, as flowers are also celebrated. That means it's time for the launch of the Florist Festival and the Florist Table on your farm. We're here with a guide to help you celebrate the Florist Festival on your farm, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

The first thing you'll need to do is build the Florist Table, which requires 10 Crafting Mats, 10 Florist Foam Blocks, and 10 Wood Planks. The Crafting Mats are earned by posting a general news item on your wall, while the other two items are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. Once that's done, you'll need to ask four of your friends to come work as staff inside the building to actually finish it off.

Once you build the Florist Table, you'll be able to create a Rose Wreath over a series of five stages. This is similar to the Thanksgiving Feast Table event, in that you'll need to throw multiple "crafting parties" in order to make progress. To throw the first party, you'll need to first finish three tasks and add more friends to the table as guests.

Party Number 1:

  • Make 2 Black Pansy Bouquets

  • Make 2 Wool Bolts

  • Make 2 Half and Half

The Black Pansy Bouquets can be created using five Flasks and eight Black Pansies. Meanwhile, the Wool Bolts can be created using eight Wool each. Finally, the Half and Half is created using six Milk in the Crafting Kitchen. After you finish these party preparations, you'll need to ask four friends to come over as guests before you can finish the first official Crafting Party. Finishing this party gives you boosts like free Power or crafting materials.

The more parties you host, the more rewards you'll receive, and the more friends you need to ask over to your farm. When you first place the Florist Table, you'll have 21 days to finish all of these crafting parties before the event expires. There's the chance that you'll earn a complete pack of Hen House Eggs or Gourmet Yogurts as bonus prizes in this event, so what are you waiting for? Start throwing your own Crafting Parties in the Florist Table as soon as you can!

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What do you think of the Florist Table in FarmVille 2? Have you already started working on throwing your own Crafting Parties? Sound off in the comments!