Barbie Themed Restaurant Debuts in Taiwan

Popular theme restaurants have been built upon global cultural forces such as table tennis, vampires and Jimmy Buffet. So why not Barbie?

Indeed, her time has arrived. Fifty-four years after introducing the iconic doll to the world, Mattel has licensed a Barbie Café in Taipei, Taiwan. It's very pink. And expensively done. The décor cost $1.7 million. And did we mention: Pink. Very pink. The CBC calls the restaurant "unapologetically cute."

The food, designed by nutritionists, promises to appeal to those who want to maintain Barbie-like figures. Also on the menu: Barbie-themed and kid-friendly items like Barbie 128 – a drink that's pink, naturally – and tiramisu.

Moreover, as Alice Vincent writes in the Telegraph, Barbie's corporate parent hopes the restaurant will provide a different kind of boost: "Mattel hopes that the café, located in the shopping district of the city, will promote Barbie as a fashion brand. The staff who work at the restaurant sport a not-entirely practical uniform of pink Barbie logo T-shirts, matching tutus, Barbie logo armbands and glitter and tiaras on their heads."

Who else makes the scene besides at the Barbie Café besides families and fashionistas? Ken, of course. Check out the video below for an on-the-scene look.

Barbie Cafe Opens in Taiwan

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