Zombie Road Trip Cheats And Tips

Zombie Road Trip is riding high in the App Store charts right now, and it isn't hard to see why. When we reviewed the game earlier today, we had high praise for this 2D endless-racer's slick production values and meaty upgrade options.

Struggling to stay ahead of the zombie pack? We've put together some essential top hints and tips for making progress in the game, and getting more of those valuable zombie coins at the same time.


- If you want to get more coins in Zombie Road Trip, try squeezing in as many front or back-flips as you can safely manage before executing your perfect landing. Don't risk a crash so bad that the chasing zombies catch up though!

- The mission system is the most lucrative way of earning more coins in Zombie Road Trip. To see which missions are currently active, hit the pause icon once you're in a game. You can expect to pick up at least 100 coins for each mission you complete, so it's well worth focusing on these in the early days when you need upgrades the most.

- Once you've found a vehicle you're making good progress with, consider upgrading it rather than jumping straight into a new vehicle when you have the cash. Some vehicles are faster, while others are sturdier, so make sure you pick a combo that works for you.

- You can get a one-off injection of zombie coins by liking the game on Facebook. Head to the shop from the main menu, and the option's listed at the very top of the screen.

- There's no "best" weapon in Zombie Road Trip - instead it depends on which type you find easy to use while also being as acrobatic as possible. The Shotgun is great for up close and personal encounters, while the assault rifle has greater accuracy and a decent reload time. The value of the rocket launcher is self-explanatory!

- We recommend upgrading to the Laser Sight gadget as soon as you've got a decent stash of coins. This will allow you to aim with much greater accuracy, allowing you to pull-off zombie headshots much more frequently. Combined with the Zombie Indicator, you should have no trouble clearing the road of zombies, and getting a great coin bonus at the same time.

- There's no perfect car in Zombie Road Trip. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses so you'll want to experiment with each one. Some are stronger but slower, while others favor raw speed at the risk of being more vulnerable.

- The speed boost system works like this. The better your landing after a jump, the greater the speed boost you'll receive once you hit the ground. These are essential for staying ahead of the approaching zombies. If you want to achieve a perfect landing in Zombie Road Trip, and get the maximum possible speed boost, you'll need to land both sets of wheels on the ground simultaneously. Do this and you'll race ahead of the swarm.

- During speed boost mode you can smash through zombies without firing your gun, so just worry about your flips and clean landings. Just be ready for when the boost ends as you'll become vulnerable again once it's over.

- If you're struggling to control both your flips and your weapon of choice, we recommend using your thumbs to control the forward and back rotation controls, then firing with your right thumb just above the rotation button. Just make sure you re-center your right thumb afterwards, as it can be very easy to mess up a landing after gunning down a zombie.

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