Top 25 Facebook Games - February 2013: Now, this is just getting silly


Thanks to the almighty Facebook, it's become nigh impossible to know exactly how well a Facebook game is doing. A recent change in how Facebook tracks and reports numbers in monthly and daily users has further mystified the only widely-used metrics to track game and app performance. So, while we still have monthly reports, thanks to AppData, they're slightly less useful than before.

At any rate, Candy Crush Saga by still dominates in the top spot in terms of daily players above FarmVille 2. However, it's now not clear by exactly how much does the former lead the latter, as every game in AppData's Top 25 list fits within the "1 Million" DAU tier, meaning they have at least 1 million daily players. In other news, Zynga's CoasterVille rocketed up the charts to the fifth spot, no doubt thanks to the developer's infamous cross-promotion techniques.

Aside from new arrivals 8 Ball Pool by MiniClip at number 20 and developer Pretty Simple's hidden object game Criminal Case popping up in the 25 spot, February shows business as usual as far the daily players are concerned. The same goes for monthly players: Zynga still dominates with 12 games on the list, but has experienced major losses, namely CityVille 2 and Ruby Blast Adventures. At least this month has seen some new faces, but with this new approach, that might be even more of a rarity moving forward.

[Read the full charts at Inside Social Games]

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