EA brings customizable trivia to iOS with TMI Trivia this Spring


I'll admit that I've spent a few hours looking at celebrity gossip online and in magazines, and if you're like me, Electronic Arts' upcoming iOS trivia game TMI Trivia will finally give you (err---me) a reason to keep doing so, as it pits players against up to three friends as they compete to prove they know the most about current pop-culture across a variety of topics.

Launching across iPhone and iPad, TMI Trivia will bring 30,000 trivia questions to the palm of players' hands, with questions coming from Spin, Celebuzz, Fanhattan, and Variety, with new questions added regularly after launch. Categories will include TV, Sports, Celebrities, Life & Style, Movies and more, but if you ever get tired answering multiple choice questions about other peoples' lives, you can customize the game with questions about yourself.

These customized questions are created by connecting the game to your Facebook account, or by giving the game access to scan your iTunes library. From there, the game will create questions based specifically on your life as the player, and in theory, the longer you play the game, the more in-depth these questions will become, as the game "learns" about your life.

"There are three things that make TMi Trivia revolutionary," said Jon Dean, Vice President and Executive Producer at EA All Play, via a company release. "Firstly, our questions are fun because they are about topics you know and love, including music, TV, and movies. Secondly, TMi Trivia is a connected, social game, so the questions are always fresh and relevant. Finally, the game is personalized and adapted based on your interests and your friends' interests. The more you play, the more the game gains intelligence of what you like, and it delivers content based on your past playing habits."

TMI Trivia will launch in the Canadian App Store sometime this week, and will roll out to the worldwide audience soon. We'll make sure to have a complete review of TMI Trivia for you as soon as we can, so keep checking back with us!

Are you excited to try TMI Trivia on iOS? Will you allow the game to have access to your iTunes library and Facebook account, or will you just stick with the generalized pop-culture questions that come standard within the game? Sound off in the comments!