Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will feature more options, time travel, and customization

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Image
If you have a love for the golf scene and the links call to you like the siren's song, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 may just be a necessity for you. As expected and how I'd imagine the newest version of a franchise should be, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will contain even more new features than its predecessors. We're talking community-driven gameplay enhancements, new swing styles, and greater ball control to even further simulate the true golf experience.

Have you wondered what the game of golf would have been like years ago? Well, in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 you can start back as far the 1800s. Is this historic mode, you can play with advancements from all time periods. This will allow players to get a sense and feel of how the game and equipment have changed over the course of time. Use retro clubs such as Mashies, Brassies, Baffing Spoons, Jiggers and Niblicks.

While you're getting your PGA on, you'll experience the gameplay like a live broadcast. Players will be updated with situation-specific data, scoring, and broadcast presentation emulation. You'll be able to track our personal performance against the rest of your golfing peers. Featuring over 3,300 camera shot, you better believe you'll get all the angles while touring.

How about some diversity in golf swings? How does 24 unique swings sound? Good? Well that's what Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will have. Even more specifically, users will be able to tailor power vs. control, fade vs. draw, trajectory vs. handedness. How would you make your golfer? The strike meter allows players to hit the ball consistently and help keep the rhythm of your swing going.

GamezoneLastly, a fifth difficulty setting is being added. The 'Simulation Difficulty' allows you to experience what golfers on PGA Tour experience daily. Here you'll deal with swing meter, green grid, zoom to aim, all turned off. This mode makes you play more on your ability to feel and through experience; definitely not for the new player.

Exciting stuff, looks as if EA is really stepping up the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 scene in their newest edition.

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