Republique Developer Diary Lets Fans See The Game In Action, New Screens Released

It's been a while since we received an update from Camouflaj, the developer behind the highly anticipated iPad adventure, Republique. With the game on track for a summer release and the community hungry for information, the company released an informative developer diary that not only updates prospective players on the status of the project, but also shows footage of the title in action.ModojoThe big change involves going from 2D pre-rendered graphics (think the original Resident Evil) to more impressive 3D environments, which gives Republique a mode modern feel.ModojoWe think you'll agree that the Orwellian nation of Metamorphosis will benefit from the switch. Beyond that, the video has even more interesting tidbits from the team, comprised of industry veterans that worked on such franchises as Metal Gear Solid, Halo, F.E.A.R. and Uncharted. On that note, it would appear that Republique is in capable hands.

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