Heroes And Castles Update Adds Siege Mode, New Playable Characters


Foursaken Media's Heroes and Castles made a big impression when it debuted on iPhone and iPad a couple of weeks ago. That said, it was obvious that improvements needed to be made, and the developer also mentioned new modes in the works. Today marked the release of massive update that not only makes good on those modes, but also corrects a plethora of issues.

For starters, players will get to enjoy a one-versus-one multiplayer mode that casts one person as the hero attempting to save the castle, while the other becomes the evil force attempting to destroy it. In addition, the single-player Siege mode mirrors that option to play as the bad guys.


Beyond that, the game has two more heroes. First up is the Elven Ranger who disposes of monsters with a long-ranged bow and summons a Treeman as his special unit. Right alongside him is the Mage, who casts magic and calls upon a turtle-like warrior; all heroes now come with alternate skins.

Finally, we have the bug fixes, of which, there are many. From closing exploits to improved visibility, we think fans will find a


lot to love about the work Foursaken put into its game. On that note, read our Heroes and Castles review, and check out the full list of improvements by clicking the game's App Store page.

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