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There's a lot to love about Heroes and Castles, the action strategy mash-up from Foursaken Media. It's especially true this week, since the team rolled out the first major update that added a competitive one-versus-one multiplayer mode where one person becomes the monsters. That said, Foursaken's Jamie Jackson is here with some life-saving tips.

Campaign Tips


-Some heroes are better in certain circumstances than other heroes. The Knight, for example, can make short work of Catapults and Goblin Snipers, while someone like the Engineer isn't as suited to go out into the field solo.

-Peons may not always seem useful, but they are the best way to buy time and keep you from being overwhelmed. They are also very important in shielding other units from damage, like Pikemen and Blunderbusses.

-Upgrade Buildings whenever possible. They may seem expensive, but they can really make a unit powerful, especially with a few upgrades put into the building.

-Ballista Towers are a key to taking out larger enemies like Tomb Lords and Chieftains. You'll likely need a solid defense first, before you are able to start building them.

-Make sure to play to your hero's strengths! The Knight is a good tank (use taunt to draw units off your wall, while taking on the strongest enemies yourself), Paladin is best used to support ground units (keep enemies away from important allies with his knockback, while healing and shielding them) and Engineer can build towers and upgrade his walls cheaply.

-Crafting a Rune gives you the best chance to get the best Rune types (Legendary Runes).

-If you're having trouble with a level, grinding likely won't be the answer. Try different strategies!

Versus Multiplayer (Mostly Evil)


With the new versus mode, there are a lot of people jumping right in, but I can already see many don't know about the strengths of the Evil side quite yet.

-As Evil, your hero strength is determined by your opponent's hero level. Also, your starting income increases based on their level. Use this knowledge to your advantage!

-If you are playing against a high-level Knight or Paladin (30+), they will often try to rush straight at you, trying to kill your


Wormwood Tree. Your starting Skeleton Champion can become a formidable fighter if you know what to upgrade. Try getting Goblin Mushroom (active) and Swordsman (passive), and fight the enemy hero near your Wormwood Tree. You will be able to damage them quite a bit, forcing a retreat or outright winning the match. If he kills your Tree, don't panic. It will regrow in 60 seconds. Also, do not forget to build units! Start with three to five Cultists, and max out your cap with basic skeletons and ghouls to at least start doing some damage to his walls while he is occupied with you.

-Remember that the Evil side can heal incredibly quick. Every bit of damage you do to a Good hero is much more impactful, as they won't be able to heal that damage up as quickly.

-Against skillful Rangers, it may seem like a lost cause with their high damage and long range. Use their low durability to your advantage, quickly teching up to get Skeleton Runners and Goblin Snipers out. Use the group of rocks to the left of the map as cover. It is even possible to move around the edge of the map and sneak up behind them. Remember, they have low health and can be killed quickly.

-Against Paladin and Engineer, their knockdown can be quite difficult to manage. Get Ancient Armor (active), and upgrade your armor to become less vulnerable to knockdown. Also, the Mummy Champion starts off with a decent amount of armor, and is therefore naturally more resistant to knockdown.

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