Gavin Townroe, Spice Girls Fan, Evicted for Blasting 'Viva Forever' on Repeat

Spice Girls fan Gavin Townroe's apartment building
Spice Girls fan Gavin Townroe's apartment building

We've all done that thing where we love a song so much we listen to it over and over ... and over and over again. For most of us, it's a guilty pleasure, a secret kept between ourselves and our personal music devices, private from the judgement of public ears. But not for Gavin Townroe. The renter made his love for the Spice Girls -- specifically their 1998 hit, "Viva Forever" -- so public that he was evicted from his home.

Spice Girls fan Gavin Townroe was evicted from this apartment building.
Spice Girls fan Gavin Townroe was evicted from this apartment building.

The 33-year-old played the song so frequently and so loudly that neighbors in his apartment building in Nottingham, England (Digby Court, pictured at left) would allegedly have to leave their homes. The song would even be blasted by Townroe at such ungodly hours that it caused a neighbor to be "signed off sick from work" due to lack of sleep, Britain's Daily Mail reports.

"Friday, Saturday, you don't mind, but seven days a week is very difficult to deal with," neighbor Salah Alsayed was quoted by the newspaper as saying. "Sometimes it would happen at seven, eight o'clock in the morning. I don't mind the Spice Girls but not at that time in the morning!"

The noise was so disruptive that Townroe was slapped with an anti-social behavior order by Nottingham police. In October 2012, Townroe breached that order and was given a six-week suspended jail term after a court heard that he breached the order.

Only this month has Nottingham City Council succeeded in evicting Townroe from his home -- paired with a hefty 913 pound fine (about $1,500). Hasta manana? Not for this tenant!

Townroe's not the only tenant to be evicted recently for reasons other than skipping rental payments. Retha Scott was recently evicted for accidentally burning her food in her apartment, an incident that deemed her a "danger to other tenants." (The 75-year-old fell asleep while the meal was cooking on the stove.) Carol "Chay" Burdick was evicted from her apartment after constructing a giant pyramid of Peeps marshmallow candies in her doorway for Easter. And in a case similar to Townroe's, a British couple was threatened with eviction last year because of complaints that their 2-year-old was noisy.

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