FarmVille Introduces Dairy Crafting: Fill orders & unlock rewards!

FarmVille Dairy Crafting
FarmVille Dairy Crafting

FarmVille Dairy Crafting came to town this week! The new feature gets back to the roots of farming and introduces farmers to crafting fit for the farm where you will craft recipes such as butter, milk, and cheese nonetheless. How was this not a part of FarmVille before? I have no idea. FarmVille takes a nod from its sequel FarmVille 2 and borrows the more organic crafting experience very similar to crafting in FarmVille 2's crafting. Note, this feature is on a slow rollout so not everyone has access at this point. Hold tight, eventually everyone will be able to participate in this new feature. Until then, you can continue reading and get the scoop as we take a walk through this new FarmVille feature.

Rundown Dairy Needs Help

FarmVille loves a good destructive ruin story and although we've heard the story before, it never gets old. Oh, no! The Dairy has been destroyed. It's uncertain if there was a fire, an earthquake, or some other natural disaster, but it doesn't really matter. There are outstanding orders and the Dairy needs our help fulfilling them. The good news is that there's no time to be bothered with a Dairy construction phase. The orders need filling urgently and FarmVille has given us a fully functional Dairy from the get-go. As soon as you place your Dairy on your FarmVille farm, you can use it. There's no begging for parts, or begging for friend help to start crafting in your Dairy. What a relief! We could all use a break from another FarmVille project and it's a refreshing to see a new feature that does not require numerous construction phases or hundreds of parts.

Dairy Crafting Basics

The Dairy is another type of FarmVille crafting building that allows you to create recipes, fill orders, and gain rewards for your crafting. It works similar to other FarmVille crafting buildings, crafting restaurants and the Craft Shop, but does not utilize bushels. Instead, you create your own raw ingredients within the dairy and complete recipes using your crafting machines. As you fill orders you will earn items such as Farm Coins, XP, and special prizes. Some of the prizes include parts for your Dairy that can be used to expand it as well as exclusive items such as trees, decorations, and animals.

You can also master Dairy Crafting recipes, and unlock new ones as you level-up your Dairy. You can place a Dairy on each of your FarmVille farms, but it will only give you access points to the same Dairy. Think of the Dairy as a universal building. No matter what farm you are visiting, your same Dairy progress and level building remains the same across all farms.

The Anatomy of a Dairy

The Dairy can be broken down into three basic parts: Order Board, Raw Materials, and Crafting Machine. The Order Board is where you can view and pick your various Dairy orders from town. The Raw Materials are the ingredients that you can make within your Dairy that you will use to create recipes. The Crafting Machines are how you actually make the Dairy recipes. There are six different Crafting Machines that make specific recipes. You can read more about the three main parts of the Dairy here. Additionally, each FarmVille Dairy is equipped with its own Barn and Silo. These attachments serve as storage for your crafted goods and raw ingredients. All of your raw ingredients are stored in your Dairy's Silo. All of your finished crafted goods from your Dairy recipes will be housed in your Dairy's Barn. Both the Barn and Silo are capable of holding up to 10 raw ingredients or 10 goods. However, each building can be further expanded once you work on leveling-up your Dairy.

FarmVille Dairy Crafting images
FarmVille Dairy Crafting images

Getting Crafty with Your Dairy

On paper this new feature may sound confusing, but don't let that discourage you from participating in Dairy Crafting. The best way is jump right in and experience it for yourself so that you can decide if it's something that interests you enough to include it in your FarmVille farming. So far, I've heard a lot of positive feedback from those of us farmers that have been able to access the Dairy. The crafters are welcoming the challenge to master new recipes and others have found it a refreshing alternative to begging for parts and endless questing.

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