ChefVille 'Outback Lovin'' Quests: Everything you need to know


After the first Valentine's Day event in ChefVille, we learned that both Colby and Rock have feelings for Madeline, but who will she choose as her Valentine? We'll help both of these men woo their lovely lass via individual sets of quests, starting with Rock and his "Outback Lovin" event. This event comes with new Ribbons to earn via the limited edition Outback Stove.

Burnin' Love

  • Place and Complete the Outback Stove

  • Click on the Country Love Pendant

  • Have 7 Country Love Pendants

The Outback Stove is placed via this quest window and unwrapped using three energy. You'll need to collect six Fiery Flint, four Campfire Kindling, and four Billycans to complete this appliance, with the Fiery Flint being earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. The other items are earned by posting general news items to your wall.

As for the Country Love Pendant, this is the form of "Ribbon" in this limited edition event, so you can just click on the symbol

in the top left corner of the screen to complete this second task. Once you complete the Outback Stove, you can start cooking dishes like Sausage Sizzles with Onions, Tomatoes and Beef, or Sausage Rolls with Flour, Onions and Beef. There's a new ingredient in this feature, Beet, which is earned by placing and building Beet Crates. Still, only one of the four dishes in the Basic area of the Outback Stove requires these Beets, so you should be able to earn at least seven Country Love Pendants relatively easily. You'll receive two Beef, one Unsalted Butter, and 10 XP for completing this quest.

Group Date

  • Have 15 Country Love Pendants

  • Serve 1 Sausage Roll

  • Give Chef's Service 5 Times

Again, the Sausage Rolls are cooked using four Beef, one Flour, and one Onion. It takes six hours to prepare. You'll earn one more Beef, one Beef Broth, and 10 XP for completing this quest.

Hearts Afire

  • Have 21 Country Love Pendants

  • Give 10 Hearts to Madeline

  • Collect 5 Wildflowers

The Wildflowers are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. As for the 21 Country Love Pendants, this is actually the total amount of Pendants that are available in this entire event, and you'll receive seven Ribbons, two Instant Thymes, four mastery stars, and a Valentine's Day Tree for climbing the Pendant meter and earning them all. Finally, the Hearts will be automatically taken from your Reputation Hearts total if you have 10 in your inventory that can be spent. Completing this final quest in the Outback Lovin' event will give you two more Beef, one Salt, and 10 XP. You'll have just six days to cook all of these dishes and complete these quests.
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