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Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular puzzle games for iOS and Android. You have to thank, and the company plans to continually update this addictive title in the months ahead. On that note, the publisher released a helpful FAQ on its website that we reposted on Modojo for your convenience.

How many levels are there?

There are currently 215 levels in Candy Crush Saga for iOS.

What do I have to do to complete a level?

To complete a level in Candy Crush Saga you need to achieve two goals: Achieve a score that will earn you at least one star, or complete the challenge which is explained at the start of each level

How do you gain points?

When three or more candies of the same color are switched next to each other they will burst and you will win points. The aim is to gain as many points as possible to achieve one, two or three stars!

Game Modes

Candy Crush Saga has several game modes, each with a different challenge:

Moves & Score: In this game mode you have a limited number of switches before running out of moves. If you have not reached the score required to earn at least one Star, then you will fail the level.

Jelly: In this game mode the game board behind the candy is covered in jelly. Remove the jelly by matching candy on top of the jelly. If you fail to remove all jelly before running out of moves then you will fail the level.

Ingredients: In this game mode, ingredients will appear on the game board. Collect these ingredients by bringing them to their delivery point. On the side of the board you will see a recipe of how many ingredients you need to collect. If you do not bring down all the ingredients before running out of moves then you will fail the level.

Time Limited: In this game mode there is a time limit. If you have not reached the score required to earn at least one Star when the time runs out, then you will fail the level.

Candy Order: In this game mode, you are tasked with collecting a number of candies. This is done by removing the wanted candies. If you have not collected all the wanted candies before running out of moves then you will fail the level.
What is Special Candy?

Matching three candies of the same color is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a variety of special candies that appear when making more complex match combinations. You can also mix all sorts of special candies for surprising effects. Some of the complex candy matches are:

Matching four candies in a row or column creates a Striped Candy. Matching Striped Candy clears the entire row or column.

Matching five candies in the shape of a T or an L creates a Wrapped Candy. Matching a Wrapped Candy clears a three-by-three box of candies.

Matching five candies in a row creates a Color Bomb. Combining a Color Bomb with any candy of any color will clear all the candies of that color.

Matching a wrapped candy with a striped candy will create a giant super candy which clears multiple rows both up and across the board.

What is Sugar Crush?

At the end of a level, if you still have moves or special candies remaining, then you will receive a bonus score for performing so well.

What About The Lives?

In Candy Land, you begin the game with five lives. If you fail a level then you will lose a life, however this life is replenished (for free) after 30 minutes. If you cannot wait to receive another life, you can also choose to buy a set lives (five) in the Yeti Shop Shop or ask your friends to send you lives if you are connected to Facebook..

Is it possible to complete the game without buying charms?

Absolutely! This is in fact very common! Most people who complete all the levels in the game have not purchased any charms.

When will you be adding new levels?

We try to make an update to the game every three weeks. Most of these updates will also include new levels and lots and lots of other fun things!

What are Sweet, Tasty, Divine and Delicious?

You will see "Tasty, Sweet, Divine or Delicious" when candy falls down and is matched several times in a series, which gains you a higher score.

Candy Crush
Candy Crush


Once you purchase a charm it is yours to keep forever. Other items can be purchased whilst in game play, but these can only be used once per game.

I purchased a charm. How do I use it?

The charms are always available to you, but can be activated and deactivated. Some charms, like the Charm of Frozen Time, can be toggled on and off from the map screen, right next to the boosters. Other charms, like the Charm of Stripes, are used inside the level during gameplay, and can be accessed by tapping the corresponding button in the top left corner of the screen. The Charm of Life is always active.

How does the Charm of Life work?

The Charm of Lives increases the maximum number of lives from five to eight, which means that the game will regenerate up to eight lives per day. You will also get eight lives if you buy a full life refill while having the Charm if Life.


Boosters come with a number of charges. Once you use the booster, one charge is consumed. Boosters are much cheaper than most charms and can be quite helpful if you find yourself in a pickle or if you are stuck on a particularly tricky level.

How do I use boosters?

Some boosters are activated on the screen right before entering a level. For example the Color Bomb boosters let you start the level with a free Color Bomb, or the Jelly Fish Booster, which makes Jelly Fish appear randomly while playing the jelly game mode levels. Other boosters can be activated during gameplay by tapping the corresponding button in the top left corner of the screen. For example the Lollipop Hammer lets you remove any one candy from the playing board, or the +5 More Moves booster that instantly gives you five more moves in the game.

Supported devices

Candy Crush Saga supports iOS version 4.3.5 or later on the following models: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, iPad 1 & later models, iPod Touch: 3rd generation (and later models)

Candy Crush Saga does not support jail-broken iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

Candy Crush Saga is also available on Android devices to download via Google Play.

I have an Android device, but I get the "Your device is not compatible" message. Why?

Candy Crush Saga runs on all the Android devices which fulfill the following criteria: Own a processor build on ARMv7 architecture, Supports OpenGL ES 2.0, Support a 320x480 resolution or higher, Run on Android OS 2.2 or higher.

If I try to reinstall the game, will I lose my progress?

If you played while connected with Facebook, your progress is stored on the Facebook account and will not be lost. However, if you played offline (not connected to Facebook), the progress is saved locally, on the device, and will be lost when the application is deleted or the phone restored to factory settings.

I am getting the #111858 when trying to connect to Facebook on my device. How can I solve this problem?

Navigate to Settings on your device, tap on "Developer options", scroll down to "Apps" and make sure that the "Don't keep activities option" is unchecked.

The game crashes when I enter a level! What should I do?

A game crash is usually caused by memory issues on your device. The best way to fix these issues is to restart your device, which clears the memory (this will not cause any loss of data). If this does not help, please contact for further instructions.

I have connected to Facebook, but I do not get any Facebook messages / help from friends on my mobile. Why?

Sometimes you need to reconnect to Facebook again to receive your Facebook messages. You can do this in the main menu by tapping the Facebook Connect icon.

I purchased an item from the shop but I did not get it. Why?

Sometimes, mobile phones have very weak Internet connection. After completing a purchase, the Apple iTunes store needs to send back a "PURCHASE OK" message to Candy Crush Saga, which confirms that payment was successful. If you lose Internet connection when this message is sent, your purchase may not arrive correctly. If this happens, go to the Yeti Shop in Candy Crush Saga and tap the "RESTORE" button to restore your iTunes purchases. If this still does not solve the problem, then please check your receipt, sent to you via email. If the item is on the receipt, but you cannot locate the download, please contact Apple via the email with your receipt. Click on the link in the email which says "REPORT A PROBLEM".

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

Facebook Connect

Do I need a Facebook account to play Candy Crush Saga?

No! You can play the full game without ever connecting to Facebook. You can also play Candy Crush Saga without an Internet connection.

If I connect to Facebook, will you post updates to my Facebook wall or spam my friends?

We will never send requests to your friends that you did not actively send from the game and we will not post anything to your Facebook wall without your permission. However, when you Facebook Connect with Candy Crush Saga you automatically join Facebook Open Graph. Open Graph is a social graph that generates events/actions when you perform certain tasks in games. These can be visible on your Timeline profile, and in some cases, show up in the news feed.

I have connected to Facebook, but my progress from Facebook does not show up on my mobile. Why?

When you are on the map, there is a small symbol on the lower right side of the screen. If this symbol is red, then it means that synchronization with your Facebook account has failed. If it is green, then synchronization is complete. When synchronization fails, you will need to find a better Internet connection and try again.

If I log out of my Facebook account and someone else logs in, will I lose all my progress?

No! The game supports multiple logins with different Facebook accounts. If you log out from Facebook, your local progress will be restored once you log back in. If you log in with another Facebook account, then the progress from that point will be logged to that account. If you continue to play without being connected to Facebook, then the progress will be merged with the progress of the Facebook account that is logged in next.

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