Bike Racing Plus Cheats And Tips


Need a hand nailing the trickier levels of Bike Racing Plus? Following on from our review earlier today, we've put together some handy hints and tips to get you over the finishing line.


- If you want to get some extra height, keep an eye out for the small arrows that occasionally appear on the screen. Jumping onto one of these will give you a huge air boost, although you'll need to be touching the arrow sign when you jump to get the effect.

- If you're struggling to find every token on each level of Bike Racing Plus, try again and explore. Catching a big air jump almost always takes you in the direction of an extra token, so you should always be aiming to get as high up in a level as possible.

- It doesn't always pay to travel at maximum speed in the game, particularly in the later stages where obstacles become much more densely packed. You'll also need to slow down to reach some of those tokens, so explore until you know where each one is, and then attempt the level taking the optimum course and speed.

- Medals are awarded depending on your performance on a level. They're used to unlock new sets of levels too, so if you're


struggling to unlock new content it's well worth going back to easier levels to grab every last medal you can before tackling the tougher stages.

- There's no way of choosing a specific trick when you jump in the game. There are more available in the game, but you'll need to unlock them via the in-app purchase store - and they'll still be randomly selected.

- You need to strike a fine balance between performing tricks for a valuable score boost, and not leaving yourself vulnerable to an upcoming obstacle. To really nail a level, we recommend playing it safe until you can get a clean run with all tokens, then go back and show-off a little more when you know every last detail of a level.

- To get all three medals on a stage, you're going to need to clear the level without making a single crash. Easier said than done, so take it nice and slow to add the medal to your tally.

- If you want to purchase new bikes in the game with real money, don't buy them piece by piece. They cost $1.99 each, but you can unlock every character and trick in Bike Racing Plus with a one-time payment of $4.99. Still a lot of money, but less than buying everything separately.

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