Alien Noire website countdown to finish in 25 days, possible Prey 2 announcement following

Prey 2 Image
Prey 2 Image

A strange website,, has a strange countdown on it, in seemingly alien numbers. Through careful observation however, it's easy to figure out which symbols match what real life number. This is what the site looke like currently. When we figured out what symbol goes to what number, we came out with these results.

First row: 2175111 seconds

Second row: 36251 minutes

Third row: 604 hours

Fourth row: 25 days

Whatever announcement this is regarding to, we'll know in 25 days' time. However, the NeoGaf thread related to this announcement is already making some big claims that it's related to Bethesda and Human Studios', Prey 2.


If hope that this is indeed related to Prey 2, as I got to check the game out in demonstration form 2 years ago. Everything I saw looked amazing. From the alien bounty hunting element, to the gorgeous visuals, the game looked promising, and then a year ago it was provisionally cancelled and even taken off of Bethesda's game listings.

Also, Prey 2 is quite literally, an Alien Noire. Here's to hoping!