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While many physics puzzle games ask you to collect stars by interacting with various tools and obstacles in their environment, few come with a living, talking snowman to cheer you on. In Big Fish's Snowball Siege 2, that's exactly what you get, as this snowman with a loud voice will be your cheerleader through a variety of puzzling levels.

Each level asks you to destroy blocks of ice to guide a present box to a solid surface, causing a tree to sprout up from within the box. You'll work to collect three stars in each level along the way, either by causing the present box or tree itself to touch them, or just cause any of the level's other blocks to touch them as they're destroyed or moved.

The catch with Snowball Siege 2 is that only ice blocks can be broken. Every piece of wood or stone is indestructible (at least by your hand), so each level becomes a literal puzzle as you must figure out the order in which to click on ice blocks to guide the present box and tree through otherwise immovable obstacles.

As you play, you'll unlock bombs that can send both the present box and other wood blocks flying, and you'll also discover additional types and colors of presents that are actually bad and must be destroyed, rather than saved. Thankfully, there's no limit on replaying each stage if you get stuck, and you can toss as many snowballs at the stage as you'd like within a limit there either.

While Snowball Siege 2 is, at first glance, another typical physics puzzle game, it provides a fun challenge in its linearity, as you must figure out the exact order for completing tasks in order to gain all three stars. There's very little luck involved here, so if you would like to test your brain against the game's many challenges, you can now play Snowball Siege 2 for free, right here on!

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