SimCity Social Chase's Challenge Quest: Everything you need to know


Since the Rock n Roll event has expired in SimCity Social, you might be left wondering when the next set of limited edition quests will roll out to the game. While there's normally no shortage of these sorts of quests, this week's event is something altogether different, and much more limited / challenging. Chase's Challenge will see fairly high-level players proving that they have what it takes to be the richest guy in town - a mogul, if you will, by earning as many Simoleons as possible.

Chase's Challenge - Paper Chase

  • Earn 1 Million Simoleons

That's it. That's the only requirement - that you earn 1 million Simoleons by completing any and all tasks in your city. The thing is, this quest is only available to those players that have at least 80,000 Sims living in their town. If you don't have 80,000 population, Chase will never come to you with this challenge, and his massive reward will never be obtainable. When you complete Chase's Challenge, you'll receive the Chase's Challenge Monument for your city, which can be built as a way to show off to your neighbors.

So, how do you go about earning Simoleons? The most obvious answer is to collect from businesses, but there's also more strategy to it than that. Depending on how much you've upgraded businesses, they may provide many more Simoleons than others, and at a faster rate. Take, for instance, the Mexican Restaurant and Comic Book Shop. Both recharge at a fairly quick rate, but at the two star rating for each, the Comic Book Shop produces 260 Simoleons every 12 minutes, while the Mexican Restaurant provides 286 Simoleons every 15 minutes. Over a 60 minute period, the Comic Book Shop then produces 1,300 Simoleons, while the Mexican Restaurant pays out 1,144. Is the difference that great? Not necessarily, but when each action costs energy, there's a great point here to keep in mind: just because a business provides more Simoleons upon each individual collection, that doesn't mean it's the most profitable in the long run.

These businesses are just two examples of how different every piece of your city can be, so you'll need to examine which businesses provide the best payouts over time in order to save energy and earn 1 million Simoleons as fast as you can. Good luck!

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What do you think of this hefty challenge in SimCity Social? Do you think you have what it takes to earn 1 million coins and prove you're top dog? Sound off in the comments!