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In the world of physics puzzle games, many rely more exploding blocks or slingshots than anything else, but in Gemollection from i-Play, this particular level-based puzzler offers so many different obstacles and tools that it actually gives the genre a bit of a fresh look.

In each stage of Gemollection, your object is to guide large round gems into treasure chests. Gems may hang from chains, or be placed high on a pedestal, so you'll need to examine each level's powers and obstacles to figure out what to do before ever making a move. Chains can be cut, punch blocks can be clicked on to send nearby objects flying, gears can be used to move pillars or blockades out of the way, energy barriers can create ramps for gems or stop a gem from falling into the abyss, portals can teleport gems across the stage, and much more.

Adding in even more complexity to the setup, some levels contain more than one colored gem, which must be matched with its chest of the same color. Obviously, these color-matching pairs are normally located as far apart from one another as possible, making your work more difficult. In addition, coins are provided in some stages that can be collected in the same way as gems (that is, they must be dropped into the treasure chest). If you decide to go after these coins to earn bonus points, you may discover a pathway for the coin to get into the treasure chest, but will accidentally ruin the path for the gem in the process. There's so much going on in each stage of Gemollection, but the bright graphics are handled well, and it's easy to replay a stage to earn more points or stars as you go along.

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