CoasterVille Frontier Items: Everything you need to know


While many of the themed items in CoasterVille's stores are permanent additions to the game, you might have also noticed a series of limited edition items that have been released in the game's Frontier or Western theme. There are six new items in this set that will only be available to purchase for a week, and we're here with a complete look at them. Let's get started!

Water Tower Swing

  • Costs: 56 Park Cash

  • Produces: 480 Thrill Points every 26 hours

  • Adds 85 Popularity Points to your park

Snake Oil Salesman

  • Costs: 64 Park Cash

  • Produces: 1,920 coins when used

  • Searching provides Mysterious Elixirs

Water Wheel

  • Requires: 2,550 Popularity Points

  • Produces: 360 Thrill Points every 22 hours

  • Adds 75 Popularity Points to your park

    Mini Water Wheel

  • Costs: 13 Park Cash

  • Adds 28 Popularity Points to your park

Horse Post

  • Costs: 14 Park Cash

  • Adds 30 Popularity Points to your park

Grand Frontier Arch

  • Costs: 11 Park Cash

  • Adds 24 Popularity Points to your park

Again, there are plenty of additional Frontier / Western items that are also available to purchase from the store, but none of those come with time limits or expiration dates. If you're interested in any of these items, make sure to take a long look at your Park Cash to see if you're ready to spend some to purchase these items before they expire.

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What do you think of these limited edition Frontier items in CoasterVille? Will you purchase any of them for your park? Sound off in the comments!