ChefVille Cheats & Tips: Earn extra Romaine Lettuce for free


As more and more dishes are released in ChefVille, the likelihood that your ingredients will be required for additional dishes obviously goes up. That's been the case with Romaine Lettuce over the past few weeks, as recent quests have required plenty of cooking within the Salad Station, and new dishes in the Chinese New Year Wok, for instance, simply require it outright. While you're free to collect a single Romaine Lettuce from your stall every five minutes, did you know that there's another Romaine Lettuce dispenser in the game?

The Salad Bouquet is a small decorative vase that sits atop a white table, and it's filled with what might initially appear to be flowers. Upon closer inspection though, you can see that this item is actually filled with salad greens, and as such, you can collect one Romaine Lettuce from the decoration every 20 minutes. As I routinely visit my friends' restaurants, I look for this decorative item and rarely find it, likely because they have no idea how valuable it really is.

I know I personally left this item in my inventory for weeks after earning it in the Mayonnaise Dispenser quest line, until I was clearing out my inventory and discovered its true purpose. Do you still have your Salad Bouquet sitting in your inventory? Why not pull it out and use it to gain more Romaine Lettuce each time you come back to the game?

If we discover any additional useful tips for how to earn more ingredients in ChefVille, we'll make sure to let you know! Stay tuned!

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Did you already know about the Salad Bouquet, or do you still have this item sitting in your inventory? Did you accidentally sell the Salad Bouquet because you didn't know what it does? Sound off in the comments!