Bubble Safari: Earn free Safari Cash with Zynga Serve Rewards


As we've seen over the past week, American Express's Serve card promotion has started to roll out to new Zynga games, including ChefVille and Bubble Safari. In Bubble Safari, players are being given the opportunity to earn a ton of Safari Cash for participating in the promotion, but all players can earn free coins and Safari Cash either way.

Since Bubble Safari doesn't come with any sort of habitat or room to customize, the daily prize for this event doesn't come from a building project; instead, you'll simply receive 50 coins each day you login to the game, over a period of six days. These don't have to be six days in a row, they'll just be the next six days you login to the game. Once you hit the full six, you'll receive five Safari Cash absolutely free as a way to say thanks for your dedication.

If you're interested in earning up to 1,470 Safari Cash, you'll actually need to participate in this promotion, which is easy to do, but also costs real money. You'll earn Safari Cash in waves, as you sign up for the Serve prepaid card, activate the card, add money to the card, and then spend that money. For just signing up for an account, you'll receive 300 Safari Cash, and players that go all of the way with this promotion to actually spend the money that they place on the card will receive two exclusive in-game bubble-popping levels that won't be available to anyone else.

Again, to earn the 1,470 Safari Cash in bulk, you'll need to open a Serve account, but if you're fine with simply earning five Safari Cash, just make sure to login to the game once per day over the next week and you'll earn that free premium currency in a flash! Hopefully, the next Bubble Safari cross-promotion will throw more free Safari Cash our way, and if that's the case, we'll make sure to let you know.

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Will you sign up for a Serve card to earn Safari Cash in Bubble Safari? Did you already complete a Serve card rewards promotion in another Zynga game? Sound off in the comments!