The Best Entrepreneurs Today?


In the following video, Motley Fool analyst Brendan Byrnes sits down with Maynard Webb, former COO of eBay , former CEO of LiveOps, and author of Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship.

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Brendan Byrnes: What are some entrepreneurs that you admire most? You do a lot of work and a lot of blog posts and stuff with entrepreneurship. What are some entrepreneurs that you like that are implementing the ideas of the book and something that you admire the most?

Maynard Webb: Right, well let me start with folks that I have worked with because that's easier to talk about. Obviously I think the work of Pierre Omidyar and Jeff Skoll from eBay and even more what they're doing with their lives once they had the platform built and where they're going. Take a look at Jeff Skoll with what he's done with participant media. It's amazing how successful and the impact he's had.

I sit on the board of Salesforce and so I'm a huge fan of Marc Benioff and what he's doing. Omar Hamoui -- I was on the board of AdMob and it was fascinating to see him build AdMob into something huge. And then I just in general love entrepreneurship and Larry and Sergey at Google , you know, David Filo and Jerry at Yahoo and now Mark Zuckerberg with what he's doing with Facebook and scaling a new generation company is pretty inspirational to watch.

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