Math QuizUp tests your mental know-how, now on Android


Plain Vanilla's QuizUp platform contains trivia games for topics like video games and movies, but now, the developer has released something that's a bit more basic: Match QuizUp on Android. Previously released only on iOS, Math QuizUp continues in the developer's love for real-time head-to-head action against you and a friend, but instead of trivia questions, the game challenges your math skills by presenting players with equations requiring addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Each game of Math QuizUp contains ten rounds of equations, as both you and a friend (or stranger) are given the same equations and told to answer them correctly, faster than the other player. The faster you answer each question, the more points you'll earn, but only if the answer you've provided was correct.

With the game's release on Android, iOS gamers can now pull from the Android pool of opponents and vice versa, via cross-platform play. While Match QuizUp is obviously ideal for students that are required to study math on a daily basis, it also seems like a great refresher for adults that may have been out of the classroom for years before playing. If you'd like to try your hand at Math QuizUp, you can now download the app for free on Android or iOS.

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