Help a game programmer gone made in Gravity Flip on iOS


iOS puzzle games are a dime a dozen, but many rely on physics as their main source of challenge. In Gravity Flip from indie developer ThaiBro Game Studio, you'll instead need to control gravity itself as you make your way through 80 levels, collecting stars and avoiding obstacles in each.

Gravity Flip follows a pixelated game programmer who was fired from his job in the industry and goes insane as a result. Trapped in a dream-like world where gravity is controlled by the player, the programmer must avoid spikes, spinning saw wheels, and more as he works to collect three stars that are required to unlock the exit door for each level.


Gravity Flip sees players controlling gravity with either a tap on the screen or a tap of the space bar on a keyboard (the game is also available on PC and Mac), while moving the programmer as well. The game then becomes about timing, as you must move your character to just the right spot before switching the orientation of gravity so that he falls onto another safe surface, and not only of each level's many hazards.

If you'd like to learn more about Gravity Flip, check out the trailer below or simply head over to iTunes to download the game for $0.99.

Download Gravity Flip on iOS for $0.99 >

Have you tried Gravity Flip? Do you think the gravity mechanic is fun or too challenging to use? Sound off in the comments!